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After a professional painter in Dundas Valley? Look no further than Grid Painting Services. We offer residential, commercial, industrial and strata painting services for the interior and exterior. We know that every property will require a professional paint job once in its life. Whether it is a newly built structure, refresh and even a revamp, there is no job we cannot handle. Put the tools away and spend quality time with the family or friends at Dundas Park and leave the job to us.

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Dundas Valley Painting Service – Professional Painters

Professional House Painters Dundas Valley

Our professional painters in Dundas Valley are experts in residential painting. We can do whole houses as well as touch up paint jobs from damages such as water damage. We offer an affordable price to suit the custom domestic service needed.

To save you time and also provide a quality service, we can scrape and sand down areas to prepare the surface perfectly for the paint, this will save you time from doing this. If you simply repaint the surface on the crack the finish look would look unfavourable and disappointing. We offer services to repaint the entire house either old or new, rooms, doors, trims and much more. We understand how difficult it is to find time these days, this is why we make ourselves available to suit you. Call our professional painters Dundas Valley services today for a free quote.

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Professional Commercial Painters Dundas Valley

There is nothing better than an enjoyable workplace for your employees. Did you know the colour of your workplace affects the productivity of your employees. Some colours make you feel sleepy and some colours make you feel motivated and productive. Which would you prefer? What kind of vibe do you want for your employees or patrons?

Every workplace is different, they have a different mission. For a cafe, how would you like your patrons to feel when they dine in? Anxious or relaxed? This impacts the length they would stay and the money they will spend. It is a proven fact in an relaxed environment people spend more.

If you are a company with an office environment you would probably go for a colour thats calming yet motivating. Not only does this make your employees more productive it makes your employees feel more happier and which results in a stronger morale. Call us today for a change!

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Dundas Valley Interior Painters

Grid Painting Services at Dundas Valley offers above and beyond professional services. Our employees are highly knowledgeable with high levels of attention to detail. Every household or building has different types of designs and furnishing. No matter how well the furnish is placed or how amazing it looks, a matching wall colour will give that finishing touch.

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Dundas Valley Exterior Painting

What makes a excellent exterior painting job? An excellent exterior painting job will result is lasting finishes. Dundas Valley painting services is trusted, we will ensure the job is done properly and explain every step of the way.

We use products that are friendly to your homes and buildings, the exterior look is the most important look. The exterior is the picture that will say a thousand words and will reflect the message it portrays for the interior look. We offer a range of exterior services such as painting doors, walls, pillars, gutters and much more.

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Why Choose our Dundas Valley Painters?

You might be thinking why should you choose our painters in Dundas Valley near you and not them? Well here are some reasons:

  • Our quotes are affordable for the service provided, we are recognizable for our cost friendly prices. We will breakdown the service which will be provided and explain why we would and wouldn’t recommend a service.
  • Our trusted team are effective and efficient to achieve the look you are going for either a brand new look or a revamp.
  • Our friendly team will take extra care of your furnishing, we have a high attention to detail. Every possible furnishing that has a probability of damaged will be covered.
  • Our knowledgeable team will use the finest and the best products and equipment available to ensure a lasting and quality finish. No ugly marks left behind and easy to clean walls if for any chance there’s a food fight.
  • Our skilled team will examine the area for service, we will prepare the space if needed. For preparation all areas are different, we may need to scrape, sand, fill in gaps, and smooth out old paint before painting on new paint. Sometimes job as simple as dusting the area. We provide the best to the best which is you.
  • Our team not only provides residential painting services for internal households, we also offer exterior painting as well as commercial interior and exterior painting.

If you are interested for a refurb or an entire new look for a new home, old home or a commercial building, call us now! There is no time to waste, book us in today. Let’s talk about what you desire and how we will make this look you want. Call 1300 208 852 today!

Grid Painting Services Dundas Valley
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The crew not only delivered a beautifully painted room in record time, but they did an amazing job at a reasonable price. The professionalism and expertise were well exceeded. Will definitely call them again for any future jobs!
Justin CParramatta
I would highly recommend Grid for all your exterior or interior painting work. They are a very reliable team that you can really trust. Careful in their estimates and work, and pleasant to work with. Excellent all around service!!
Laura FCastle Hill

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